About Me

I want to thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to find out more about the benefits of coaching.

As a professional certified coach, I work with people who value relationships.  They are people who value others and honor the roles they are given to live out.  My clients are respectful and healthy; yet want the fullness of life. These are not ‘fill in the blank’ people.  These are people who want to step into life and fulfill purpose.  My clients are people of influence with and without a title.  They know that being a leader isn’t defined by position, but by relationship.

ynthia Restivo | Dynamic Prospectives

I have been helping people move forward in their lives—career, education, decision-making, productivity, goal setting, relationships, influence and fulfillment most of my adult life.  My passion is to see people discover their true identity and embrace their destiny. My natural gifts have helped those around me find success in various areas of life.  As a professional life coach, I have added a powerful skill set to those natural strengths to impact and add value to my clients in greater ways.

I am passionate about the promise and potential that resides in people.  As a coach, I am enthusiastic about unearthing the hidden treasures, gifts, abilities and dreams in my clients.  I believe in the power of teams and the productivity that is released through strong leadership that respects people and stewards the greatness that resides within them.

Life is not a dichotomy it’s a journey.  Home life, relationships and business do not hold separate places in our life.  Our lives are wrapped around business and business is wrapped around our lives.  My philosophy and methodology as a coach is to help my clients discover and define their path, not the one that life hands them, but the journey they were designed to travel.  I want my clients to chart their life using a compass that is aligned to true north.  Anything else will be a counterfeit.  As a coach, I support my clients and facilitate their forward movement along that path.


Cynthia’s mission is to illuminate, reclaim, and release the value of people and teams; empowering them to live the dynamic life of prospective possibilities.

Cynthia Restivo holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and an Associates Degree in Theology. She is a Certified Coach and Founding Member of John C. Maxwell Certification Program, a Certified Professional Path Coach from Path Coach Training Institute, and a member of the International Coaching Federation, ICF.