Saturday, October 24th, 2009

You have seen these people… they walk into a room and before long there is a buzz in the atmosphere and energy moving about.  People are laughing, conversations escalate and camaraderie seems to have embraced others in the wake as they have moved around the room; all as a result of that person who showed up.

How about this one… the room is bright, morning light is met in the group gathered with hopes of productivity.  There is lighthearted conversation and greetings over coffee until someone enters the room.  What was a pleasant encounter has turned to a ridged, awkward and puppeteer exchange.

How can one person impact and change an environment and people?

Most people think of influence as a result of being a leader in title or position.  We think; I am not influencing, because I am not a leader, because I do not have a title or position.  We say to ourselves, I don’t have a title so I cannot lead people or bring change.

We tend to relate leadership and the ability to influence with a position.  When we look outside of ourselves to a position or title, we give our true power and impact away.

Influence resides in each and every one of us.  That influence is key to bringing change to our world.  We see it in others, but seldom in ourselves.  Let’s look at what influence really is:

Influence is an unseen spiritual force that produces an effect without apparent force or direct command.

Because influence is not tangible, we are tricked to think we don’t have it.  Influence is an unseen invisible force.  Just like the wind, which cannot be seen apart from its impact on leaves in the trees, clouds in the sky or the pressure of its force against our bodies. You can’t SEE influence until it moves something or puts pressure on something to bring change.

I believe the key to embracing the influence each of us holds is identity.  Identity is being who a person is.  It is integrity inside and out.  It is who we believe we are in our heart that is lived out in our lives.  Who we really are shows up under pressure.  Who we believe we are in our heart is seen when we meet with obstacles or when we step out to dream and reach our full potential.

Who we believe we are determines how we use the influence we have.

If we believe we are weak, we wale our influence like a sword that wounds and maims people or drives them by fear.  It’s a masquerade.  We are pretending we are bigger than we believe we are and therefore, we misuse our influence.  It may result in some change, but it is limited and destructive.  It causes people to flee instead of gathering people for change.

If we believe we are strong, we use influence like a sword in knighting people to greater levels of life.  We empower others to believe and change.  People gather and will join us for our cause.  This is result.

As a path coach and leadership coach,  I am enthusiastic about coaching individuals as they discover their value and identity and then grasp their sword of influence to bring change and productivity to their world.

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