Number 3 – Eye-Hand Coordination

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

As I sit in a hotel lobby composing this post, I smile. My hands are placed on the keys of my computer as my eyes shift from watching my words form on the screen to watching the people who are hurrying about.  In order to keep moving forward on the message, I have to bring my eyes back to the screen to give my hands something to do.

The eyes and hands have been working together all my life.  Yours too. We take it for granted because we don’t have to think about it unless we are learning something new.  Once again, like a baby’s first grip on an object, we awkwardly begin to master a new skill, without recognizing the gift of eye-hand coordination.

If you have or been around babies for any length of time, you’ve had the opportunity to see the development of this amazing gift, eye-hand coordination.

As the young infant’s eyes begin to notice and focus on an object, the desire and excitement begins the messaging in the brain.  What we witness is the flaying of arms as they work to move close to the desired object, hitting, missing, touching and then after much effort, the grab and pull towards the face and yes, the mouth.  It’s natural.  It’s in our design and its there for a purpose.

Much of our youth is spent developing and mastering our eye-hand coordination.  It’s part of human development and with practice things become automatic pilot type of responses that allow us to function and perform tasks with a higher level of accuracy.  What our eyes see, we can grab.

As a writer, I know the power of the gift.  Writing the dream allows my eye to communicate the dream to my hand.  The more that exchange takes place, the more easily my hand reaches out.  Automatically and with precision, I reach for the things that I know to be viable to my dream.

As a coach, I request that my clients write their vision. It’s a simple process that stretches them.  Once they commit to the process, things begin to change.  The mind actually gets involved and before long the things that were locked within their hearts are painted on the canvas of their vision

Each time they visit their vision statement they become aware of the opportunities that show up in their daily lives.  People, events, and choices move them towards their vision’s reality.

They are moving along on their path.  They are navigating their journey; they are charting their course using the gift of eye-hand coordination.  It is serving them as designed.  Their hands have written on paper that which is in their heart, they painted the landscape of their life lived out. As a result, each day they see, reach and grab the things that line up with their purpose.

Today, give your hand a part to play.  Write the dream.  Write the vision and make it plain so you can read it on the run.  You’ll have greater insight, perspective and direction throughout your days and in time you’ll find the things you penned are showing up in your day.

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