Number 7 – Celebrate While You Navigate

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Stepping into your dream or moving towards that goal is new territory and while negotiating the new terrain, it is important to make a point to celebrate while you navigate.

Celebration is defined as a joyous diversion to mark a happy event.  We are familiar with traditional forms of celebration around birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduation and more.  You may ask, then why celebrate while we navigate the journey and not at the destination or final result of our dream?

To celebrate is to MARK a happy event. While you move forward towards your dream or goal, you will face giants; roadblocks and what appear to be impossibilities.  Because fulfillment of the dream doesn’t occur overnight, it is imperative to pull the power and energy of a celebration into the mix to propel you forward.

Celebration holds within it joyous, positive, faith-filled, hopeful power that will strengthen, refresh and empower us.  Celebration MARKS.  It is a pause in the journey where we stop and look back to see how far we’ve come and what has changed in our life and world. The positive energy from celebration is released within us.  It’s a fuel that we can use to move us forward.

Celebration strengthens and positions us to look forward from a higher, brighter point of view.  It calibrates our perspective.  When we continue to look forward without celebration, we tend to see the distance yet to go and what has not shown up.  That will use up our energy, like driving on fumes wears on an engine.

When we take the time and pause with purpose to celebrate, we see how far we’ve come.  We have the opportunity to really experience the result, the benefit that the investments thus far, have made.  We see the power of the journey and the process.  We see how things shifted, opened up and changed.  We become aware of the value of the people, opportunities and joys that are there along the way.  Celebration enriches our life.

Dreams pull us into wide-open spaces.  The change comes to enlarge our lives.  It is a good thing.  Navigating through unfenced territories will pull our character into our line of site.  That’s where keeping a positive attitude and making good choices are vital.  Celebration causes us to have a healthy perspective and hopeful posture.  It causes us to honor the journey, opportunities and people we meet.

Be sure that you stop and SEE the sites.  Take in the new experiences and people you meet along your path.  Stop and consider all that you have discovered and learned.  You have seen and gleaned along the path, yet without taking time to MARK your journey with celebration, you may miss the wisdom and insight only gained through refection and celebration.  Life can be rich if we are willing to invest the time and look for the gems beneath the common exterior.

Celebration is the acknowledgment of what has come about and the opportunity to voice thanksgiving.  It gives way for a grateful heart.  Celebration keeps us healthy and humble.  It brings balance in times of stretch and challenge.

While you move forward in that dream or goal, be sure to celebrate while you navigate.

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