Personal Mission Statement

Make important life decisions based on a clear self-understanding of your own motivations. Build a mission statement that authentically reflects your intrinsic values and dearest passion.

Creating a personal mission statement is one of the specific tools for helping clients begin their journeys to the future and doing it with energy and meaning. A personal mission statement is the compass that is calibrated to True North and is a powerful tool in charting your journey. Chief among these tools was The Path Mission™.

One of my great joys is to facilitate my clients’ discovery and embrace of their mission. It is a hallowed moment when the clutter and clatter of life is quieted and they hone into what they are here on the earth to do. There is a moment when the awe is yielded to and immediate fulfillment is experienced. My clients own their mission.

A mission is not about the destination, it is the reason we wake every day with purpose and expectation. It is what we give our life to and what we give our life for.


Path Element Profile (PEP)™

Discover your personal element through the Path Elements Profile and gain better understanding of your own behavior and that of others to improve specific relationships in your life and/or team dynamics as they relate to productivity and unity.

Personality theories date back as far as 437BC, when Plato had a theory that the personality was in the blood.

Personality profiles have been used through history, and most common, is the four-fold personality types commonly found in DiSC® or the MBTI®. Word-based assessments are often not brought into everyday life because they are easily forgotten and not easily adaptable.

The Path Element Profile, (PEP)™  is Short, Simple, Sound, Spreadable and Sticky. It is easy to remember, easy to use and immediately creates a culture of awareness. Because the imagery is universal, it surpasses word-based profiles in its everyday use and value.

The PEP™ is a valuable and powerful tool used in my coaching. It brings great understanding, insight, intuition, and wisdom for the client as they build relationships, work with people and move through the personal challenges that show up on their path.