Sunday, October 4th, 2009

The word has a happy melodic sound that reminds me of ice cream on a summer afternoon.  The cool, sweet, dairy delight is a refreshing encounter that lifts my perspective.

When serendipity shows up in our lives, we are surprised at the fortune that lands in our path whether in a single occurrence or a number of events that position us for success or fulfillment in one way or another.  As a path coach, I am enthused to work with clients who look to fill their journey with serendipitous moments by dreaming and taking risks to enlarge themselves and the territory of their life or business.  Just lifting their personal vision higher and on purpose, awakens them to new opportunities and an awareness that will allow them to seize the day.

Every one of us was created and designed to dream, yet most of us write off the gift of dreaming to the days of our childhood.  We’ve been told, “being an adult is a serious thing” and we shouldn’t succumb to “such childish things as using our imagination”.   Yet, whether or not we are aware of it, we do it everyday when we allow fear to speak to our futures in response to what is currently surrounding us.

As a path coach, I believe there is greatness in every human being and am compelled to help people mine their uniqueness and purpose on the earth.  People are our greatest resources and in times like these, when fear lays siege to our lives, commerce, and freedoms, there is something that rises up within me to tear down the borders that have fenced in the creative power to dream and dominion to bring those dreams to pass.  I look to facilitate serendipitous moments in the lives of those who dare to dream.

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