What is in your hand?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Dreams are the images and hopes of the heart.  Little boys and girls dream of becoming firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses and the list continues.  Those hopes are held within the heartbeats of these little dreamers and are chosen by what they see as valuable, honorable and adventurous. Somewhere between toddler and teens we loose touch with those dreams.

I challenge you today, to DREAM.  Dream BIG.  Like a fisherman that pushes off the dock and moves towards where the big fish gather, move away from the white noise of the past and the clammer of the present and go where the big dreamers gather.  You may need to drive to a place you’ve not been in a while, find a corner table in a coffee shop or pull up a beach chair and watch the waves come in and out like the rhythms of life. Take time to dream.

As the fisherman reaches back with his rod and then thrusts his arm forward to launch the line into the deep to catch the big fish, you throw out the line of your heart to where the big dreams await being brought forward and pull them towards you.

Dare to dream BIG today and when you are there, in the midst of that dream, look around.  Take note of the sights, fragrances, textures and colors.  See yourself in the midst of that dream and what surrounds you. Who are you in that dream?  What have you done and accomplished to get there?

Interestingly, you will see that the things in your hands today moved you toward the fulfillment of that dream.  Yet without daring to dream, you would never have arrived at that place.  Without a dream, the things in your hand are familiar, mundane, even noble.  It is dreaming that gives them purpose and power to move you forward into the place where dreams come true.

Dreams determine how you and I steward the things in our hands.  Today, what is in your hands?  People, opportunity, resource, position, time, gifts and talents? How are you stewarding those amazing gifts?  Is it with a dream?   If not, go to where dreamers gather and take time to enlarge your heart for the things you long for.

You will live larger than you are today, with a DREAM…because what is in your hand will lead you to what is in your heart.

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