Congruent–Raise Our Live to Our Lead

Monday, December 12th, 2011

This word has been popping up in my head and frequently across my tongue in discussions around authenticity—who you BE and how owning and embracing that BE will result in a DO that flows effortlessly through our natural strengths, talents, insights and experience.

Congruent isn’t new to my vocabulary, it’s just interestingly “present”.  I’ve said these phrases recently, “our living needs to rise to the level of our teaching”, and  “just like eye-hand coordination helps us in life, so mouth-action congruency will help us build trust; the foundation of every relationship”.

For myself, awareness usually shows up as a thought rises and unfolds before me.  Like the process of receiving and opening a colorfully wrapped gift, truth catches my attention and creates anticipation of what it holds inside.

Curiosity moves me to the action—unraveling, surveying and shifting the many possibilities that perspective can bring.  Then the open; the pulling away of layers, application and results that the truth brings.  BAM! The light of that truth breaks forth and illuminates the direction or correction I need to take in my journey.

Today I pulled back the wrapping on the word CONGRUENT, and yes… it lit up my life.  It brought a correction that I need to make on my path.

I read an article in the November issue of Success Magazine that hit me straight between the eyes.  Perhaps the student was ready and so the teacher appeared.

My husband and I decided to press the pause button on our routine and broke away on a road trip to Dallas.  Our only objectives: maybe a little Christmas shopping and a visit to a favorite, In-N-Out Burger.  It was really the drive we were after.  The road noise and wide-open space capsuled in a bubble of time.  Time to think, pause, and reflect.

We just pulled away from the city; hubby, puppy and my Starbucks coffee in hand.  I grabbed the only reading I brought—that issue of Success and began reading where I had left off.

There it was, cold, direct, and straight to the point.  Confrontation.You are NOT congruent in an area of your life.

Really?  Before my coffee?

Truth is the only thing that can address me in this manner and get away with it, unscathed of any recourse I may take on such and abrupt move…before I have had my coffee.

Not congruent? —Yes, I agreed.

Congruent means to be in agreement, harmony; identical in form.  To match, be equivalent in character, form or function; have close similarity.

The test of congruency:  Do your actions mirror your values?  Are they equivalent in character, form or function?



When we plan and live from LEFT to RIGHT; our values, the dreams/vision, the goals, and actions; then the test would be found when we check it from RIGHT to LEFT.

I was found lacking.  I had put in place a monthly newsletter where I could greet my readers with a business update, my offering of services, a leadership prospective, link to my latest blog, book reviews, and highlighting articles; bring benefit to my readers.

Amid the training in my Maxwell partnership, mastermind groups, and the mechanics of building a new business, I had dropped the ball on my commitment.  I hadn’t published the newsletter as promised and Mel Robbins of Success Magazine told me about it.

Yes, I am human; yet I would much rather fall short in an area that is not my passion.  Like bleaching a pair of jeans, burning a pot of chili or forgetting to run an errand.  But this is my passion and relationships are based on trust.

When our actions are not congruent with our mouth, our voice is shaky, not assuring and questionable, like static heard over the radio as the dial moves to tune in a station.  It’s the little things that help us build trust quickly.  The more that our mouth and actions line up, the faster trust is built.

As leaders, we can’t afford the small foxes to come under the fences of our life and eat the low hanging fruit off our vine.  We can’t allow them to spoil our results.  We must raise the level of our life to our level of teaching; we must RAISE OUR LIVE TO OUR LEAD.

So, I am taking time to reflect and plan; create a strategy that this ‘one-girl-show’ can successfully fulfill around social media and publication.  I am not tossing out the goal.  I am setting a new course to navigate.  I am grateful for truth that lights up my path towards the things I desire.

As this season of thanksgiving and gift giving welcomes us, I ask you to join me in receiving the gift in the word, CONGRUENT.

See the perspectives and possibilities that congruence will bring to your life.  It will unite you with your values and dreams, keep doubt and distrust at a distance and strengthen you to better engage and embrace the relationships in your life.

Unwrap the gift of CONGRUENCE and allow its light to evaluate, check, promote and process your heart-to-mouth, mouth-to-hand actions.

  • Are you congruent?
  • Are you in harmony with your dreams and desires?
  • Do your actions coincide with your goals?
  • Are your goals equivalent to your values in character, form and function?

Take some time to reflect and plan.  Realign in order to remove the resistance in moving forward.



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