Saturday, November 7th, 2009

“What are you on the earth to fulfill?” is the daunting question most people avoid, yet have resonating within their hearts.  It’s the one question that drives individuals to climb ladders of success only to find themselves in places that never answer the question for fulfillment, or leaves others forlorn and settling for mediocrity and regret as they look back over time.

Finding your purpose and activating the passion to empower you to fulfill it can appear to be a mountain you can’t see yourself climbing.  It’s too big.  You’re not equipped. What if you miss it and climb the wrong slope?  You may get lost.  You may get injured. What is at the top?

As a path coach, it’s my purpose to help people discover, embrace and fulfill their life purpose on the earth.  It IS my passion.

Path coaching is what it declares, coaching individuals along THEIR PATH in life.  Life is not a destination it’s a journey.  The keys to fulfilling that journey are knowing: who you are and what you are here for.  Just as a GPS charts the course of travel, a personal mission statement helps you navigate your future.

I want to facilitate the creation of a personal mission statement to get you moving forward on Your Path in life.

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