Number 6 – Heaven and Earth

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

The GPS gets its signal from the heavens; the precise coordinates of latitude and longitude that help us navigate our journey as well as locate our position.  Yet, when the power source is depleted by the unexpected or its signal hindered, reaching for a map is a faithful back up.

This reminds me of the navigation system in my husband’s car.  He was adamant about having a large screen and a system that could handle all the needs a driver would ever require.  The problem was that the navigation system did not deliver what was promised.

I laugh thinking back about all the frustration this gadget created, whether we were traveling familiar routes or blazing a new trail.  The thing could not find its satellites.  When he selected the option to check satellite reception… they would show up on the screen highlighted in red.  Each time he selected the view; we hoped to see green on the screen. Disappointment was all too common.

This gadget’s lack of performance drained energy, impacted the atmosphere as well as caused detours that could have been avoided had it connected with the heavens as designed.  There were many times I wished I had carried a map.

Yes, maps are becoming a thing of the past as technology advances.  Yet, there is something about having a solid, trustworthy companion within your reach when it comes to travel.  A map is the concrete image of a territory, with its landmass and landmarks defined with legends that assist us in our navigation.  It’s a tangible object that will help us locate where we are and where we are going from earth’s perspective.


Navigating a new terrain and season in our life can be overwhelming.  We may not even realize the clutter that begins to cloud our vision and drain us of valuable energy.  Over time, the clutter causes a distortion, then disconnection from the vision we started with.  This disconnect leaves us groping for confirmation that we are on the right path. We are looking for landmarks and signs that help us to locate ourselves.

Without clarity, moving forward becomes slow and causes us to miss the turns we need to make to stay on course.  Unwanted, unplanned detours drain our energy and delay our arrival.

Passion results from knowing the precise coordinates of our location and desired destination. The energy that is spent navigating our journey disconnected from our vision is an expensive loss. We find ourselves lost and frustrated in our life just as we do when the GPS looses it’s signal.  We are left driving around or pulling over to reorient ourselves in order to move forward.

That’s when it is vital to have the written vision.  It is a mind map that assists to in locate our self and clarity of direction.  The written vision gives us uncluttered perspective for our next steps towards the goal.

Just like having a map, the vision statement, the map of our dream and goals, brings clarity to our location and destination.  Clarity is important when it comes to vision.  If we don’t know where we are going and we don’t know where we are in the process, discouragement and confusion will settle in and occupy our thoughts and morph our beliefs.

Today, think and reflect about where you are on your journey.  Do you have your vision written down?  Is it filed in some drawer at home or do you have it handy, accessible in case your thinking becomes clouded?

Don’t wait until things get so cloudy that you have to stop moving forward.  Keep the vision at hand and frequently read it.  If you read it, you will keep moving towards it.  When you read it, you’ll discern the opportunities and steps to take that will bring the changes you are looking for.

Write the vision; make it plain.  It’s your map.


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